The Treatment Room

MassageThe Treatment Room, proudly sponsoring Maynooth Town Football Club Under 12's.
Photo by Aidean Byrne.


Presenting Tommy Daly of Maynooth Town Football Club with a sponsorship cheque from The Treatment Room.


Assessing the suppleness of the groin, and in particular, the often tight pectineus and psoas muscles.


MassageThe Treatment Room, proudly sponsoring Maynooth Town Football Club Under 12's.
Photo by Aidean Byrne.


I went to Chris for the first time nearly a year ago, when I felt I had reached rock bottom. I had suffered with Crohns Disease for the last 7 years, and I had been having recurring flare-ups for over a year, and none of my medication seemed to be working. I felt I was running out of time. I was in pain, my bowels were uncontrollable, and the next option was very invasive surgery that would leave me with a Colostomy bag for life. I had also been suffering with bad back pain and had very stiff muscles.

Around this time, Chris was recommended to me, and although I was a bit of a skeptic I was a desperate skeptic! Chris thought me that I needed to have patience with my body and to give it time to heal, along with changing many of my daily habits. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to recommendation of certain foods/drinks to help the body to heal, and knows Chinese Medicine inside out.
I was off work for 6 months around the time I first went to Chris but now, over 8 months later, I have been back working over 4 months, and slowly I began walking for fitness, then jogging and now I am cycling a lot, and I can honestly say that I never felt as healthy or fit in my life. My bowels have returned to normal, and I have even managed to start drinking coffee in work, whereas before, even the smell of it would make me run to the loo. :-)

I was also told by numerous Health Professionals over the years that I would never be able to run any distance more than a mile due to the lower back problems I had for over 10 years and I am now running 10ks for fun, and I run 15-20km per week along with 50 km of cycling. I have recommended Chris to a good few people, and anyone that has gone to him has been very satisfied with him. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone with any kind of an ailment, and I am sure they would be a lot more positive after even a chat with him as he has a wonderful outlook on life. He can also speak from experience as he himself suffered with back problems over the years and knows what it takes to want to change, and to get well. I also have started doing Mediation classes with Chris and find them very helpful, as I often find it difficult to switch off, but I now have a way of doing this just a few Mediation sessions later. Eoin, Engineer, 30

Since learning about Chris's Treatment Room I have transformed my personal health. The alternative natural suggestions recommended by Chris are now a significant part of my daily work and study routines. Subsequently regular treatment sessions with Chris have seen me develop better energy levels, better sleeping patterns and better concentration periods. Even my lower back pain and varicose veins have improved tremendously.  For me, The Treatment Room has been life changing. David, Mature Student, Bus driver & Father, 47

I got an acupuncture session with Chris and with a little question and answer session and examination he knew just where to start with me. It really helped with my shoulders and arms as I play guitar professionally. Moreover he gave me some great lifestyle advice that I still follow to this day and it has improved my habits and routine to the benefit of my health. Masterful and intuitive, thanks Chris!
Craig, 29, musician.

During my pregnancy I developed High Blood Pressure, so my friend recommended Chris to perform some Acupuncture! Chris was great, very professional and has a warm and calming way about him, which made me feel really relaxed. The Acupuncture treatment itself lasted about 1 hour, and was lovely and soothing.  It was actually a wonderful experience. And my blood pressure did level out after my treatment so I was delighted! I would highly recommend Chris and his treatments to everyone.  Lara,  35 years,  "Secretary & Mum"

I suffered with calf injuries for 5 or 6 years, and I attended various therapists and back and foot specialists looking for a solution.  None of them could cure my ongoing and recurring calf problems.  Invariably, I could play football for about a month, or 6 weeks and then one of the calves would tear again.   When this happened I usually attended a Physio for 4 or 5 sessions.  I even wore orthotic insoles, but regardless, I still suffered with the same calf injuries, over and over.  By chance, I got talking to Chris who recommended Acupuncture.  I was a bit apprehensive of the notion of needles at first, but considering the frustration of the ongoing injuries I figured it was worth a try.  I went for 3 treatment sessions with Chris and also followed his recovery instructions & methods and the problem has been cured. That was over 2 years ago, and I have not suffered any problems since.  I would recommend Acupuncture in general – as the needles caused little discomfort.  More importantly, I would recommend Chris for his methods, knowledge and recovery techniques.  Chris showed a genuine interest in my injuries, and a recovery which I did not experience with other medical professionals.  Philip, Bank Officer, 35.

On Monday July 1st, I went to The Treatment Room in Maynooth, where I had a QCT (Quantum Coherence Therapy) treatment from Chris McMahon.  My first impression when I entered the room was the feeling of calm immediately present.  It was a lovely space, very relaxing.  The QCT itself was lovely.  To be honest, I was feeling a little nervous but Chris quickly made me feel at ease.  I came away feeling great, and my (dodgy) back was totally relaxed,  and free from tension.  This was a great experience for me, and I will definitely be calling on Chris again for a repeat.
Jean, Age 78, Retired Teacher.

A very professional service, Chris is genuinely interested in his field, and it shows!  I reached a relaxed state after a treatment, and that is truly rare for me!  Kevin, Carpenter, 34.

I found Chris's treatment very effective. Not only do I use his services for sport's injuries, but I am forever grateful for the treatment I received when Chris helped me recover fully from Bells Palsy. I found his knowledge of medicine and treatments interesting, and I felt the exposure I got to his treatments came at a price which was great value for money. Thanks again Chris! Hopefully I won’t have to ring you again too soon.  Tom, Fund Accountant, 27

I have received treatments from Chris McMahon for both physical and emotional problems.  Every time I visited Chris I got great relief, and the treatments definitely made a big difference.  I would even go so far as to say they cured my physical problems.  Chris takes great interest in his client’s well-being.  He even gives you a list of self-care suggestions, specific to your personal condition when you are leaving.  It is a great reminder, even a month later.  Brilliant for stress relief!  Well recommended!  Ann, Bank Manager, 50+

I have had 4 treatments with Chris so far, and I am enjoying and seeing benefits already.  The treatments are extremely relaxing, confidential, and given in a very calming environment.  I am looking forward to seeing more benefits in the future!  Tara S., full-time Mum, 40.

I’m delighted to say that since having had treatment from Chris McMahon my life has changed for the better.  I came to Chris not realising how anxious, negative and stressed I was.  Chris really listened with kindness, and patience, and he knew how to help me.  I am much more confident and relaxed now.  Kathleen, Teacher, 50+

I took a healing session with Chris and I didn’t know what to expect, so I left my expectations at the door.  I felt very comfortable throughout.  I became very relaxed and calm, so much so, that I fell asleep!  Afterward, I felt very content and happy. It was certainly a very interesting form of healing! I will be back for more!   
Dave, Chef, 30.

After only a few sessions with Chris I have gained a lot of knowledge that I feel will benefit me in the long term. I’ve had an unhealthy diet all my life, and instead of totally trying to change it, Chris helped me do it bit by bit. He slowly introduced me to healthier options, and had me keep a diary to help make me aware of my food/water intake. With my car accident two years ago, I lost all confidence of ever recovering, but I think I’ve regained a little hope now, that I may be able to perform again as a dancer. Aidean, Dance Teacher, 28.

To whom would a qualified Therapist go, if he or she needed a treatment?  The answer, in my opinion, is Chris McMahon, in Maynooth. Chris is highly professional, ethical, and very knowledgeable.  His ability to listen, and show empathy is second to none.  I originally went for Acupuncture, and I got great relief, and when I learned that Chris has trained in other fields, such as Quantum Coherence Therapy, I returned to him again, and again.  I feel it keeps me healthy, and in good shape.  I strongly recommend Chris, he is a fantastic therapist.  You will be glad you visited him for your treatment.  Kevin, Therapist, 63.

I first went to see Chris when I was recovering from shoulder surgery that I required due to an injury I sustained playing rugby. I have been to quite a few sports injury specialists over the years, and the first thing that struck me about Chris was his knowledge of bio-mechanics, and his level of understanding of the injury I had. He quickly outlined the probable causes and the subsequent required treatment. His initial treatment and subsequent aftercare was exceptional, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.  Sean, Fund Accountant, 30.

Chris’s treatments were an indispensable part of my life. It was never about a quick fix therapy session for me, as Chris has a unique ability to patiently lay the foundations for many aspects of one’s life to fall into place. Chris and I had many enlightening conversations in which I learnt concepts with which to understand and perceive life in much more fruitful ways. His talents with Acupuncture and Quantum Coherence Therapy are also something that I would recommend to everyone!  Greg, Barista, 22.

My Acupuncture treatments with Chris were extremely beneficial, both physically and emotionally. They were provided in a very professional, yet extremely relaxed setting. I strongly recommend!  Shea, Herbalist, 34.

Chris is the first alternative practitioner I have met with a background in western medicine.  In my opinion that makes him a more complete therapist. I personally believe that having a balanced understanding of both eastern and western medicine is a potent mix. I would wholeheartedly recommend him for whatever ailes you!  Richard, IT Specialist, 31.