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Gently Assessing Neck and Shoulder
Mobility and Flexibility


The YinYang symbol aka Yin & Yang, observed in the clouds. YinYang is one of the central tenets of Chinese Medicine.

Welcome to The Treatment Room

Opened on the 1st of May 2013, by Chris McMahon, The Treatment Room is a health and wellness facility located in Maynooth, Co. Kildare offering Acupuncture, Meditation classes, Beginners T'ai Chi Classes, Massage and new treatments such as Quantum Coherence Therapy and Ear Candling. Based on the ancient principles of Chinese Medicine and supported by recent discoveries in the fields of Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Western Medicine, these treatment methods have a wide range of health benefits and can treat a diverse range of medical conditions, including:

Physical Injuries:

Emotional & Mental Distress

*** Covid-19 Compliance Update ***

In late June 2020, prior to reopening, I invested in recommended PPE by purchasing sets of scrubs for my work uniform. I also purchased a non-contact Infrared Thermometer to easily check clients temperatures, and installed a 70% Alcohol Gel Dispenser just inside the front door.  In addition, l wear single use masks, gloves & plastic aprons during all treatments. I also invested in extra couchroll & disinfectant wipes, and have allowed extra time to clean thoroughly between clients. I also have an anti-viral Teatree Oil Diffuser running throughout my working hours within The Treatment Room.

The Treatment Room also treats Children, Babies, Toddlers and Teenagers. In addition, House calls are possible for those who are too sick to travel, provided sufficient notice is given. We also treat pregnant ladies for a range of conditions including Morning Sickness and Exhaustion.

All appointments at The Treatment Room must be made in advance. Unfortunately walk-in enquiries cannot be facilitated. Please note that The Treatment Room is not an emergency service, and is closed at the weekends.

Call Chris on 086 879 0534 to arrange an appointment.
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The Treatment Room is recognised for ACUPUNCTURE treatments
by the following health insurance providers:

Laya, VHI, Aviva, HSF

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Inside The Treatment Room