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How does Quantum Coherence Therapy Work?

Energy healing usually involves either an emission of energy by the therapist to the client (as in Medical Chi Kung) or a channelling of universal energy (as in Reiki, for example). However, when the therapist is channelling and conducting energy to the client there is a potential hidden danger. This danger presents not to the patient, but in fact, to the therapist.  It is the therapists own keen desire to help or assist that is a potential problem.  Simply put, an overly compassionate therapist may end up giving of their own personal energy during the treatment, in addition to any channelled or universal energies.  Ultimately, this is a very bad practice because somewhere down the line the therapist will become weak, fatigued and unable to continue their very practice, unless they make corrective steps.  It takes a lot of training, practice, patience and self-discipline not to engage in this behaviour.

Drawing on insights from both Traditional Chinese Medicine and recent discoveries in Quantum Physics, Stuart Breen (assisted by Charles Thackaberry and Jane Bailey) of the Irish Tai Chi Chuan Association has developed a unique method of energy healing (“Quantum Coherence Therapy”) which creates awareness of the self-care of the therapist and not solely of the client. This technique doesn’t diminish the therapist’s energies as there is no transfer of energy.  Instead, the therapist simply elevates their own vibration (or overall energies) and utilises this energy to assist in the lifting of the vibrational signature of the client, thus causing self-healing within the client.

An even more detailed view of QCT:

For thousands of years the Chinese have based their medical practice on the foundation of the balancing and moving of Chi or Qi in the body.  Chi has been defined as “the energetic medium existing between matter and spirit.” It is the “life-force energy” when pertaining to the physical body.  It is present within all things, vibrating in constant energetic motion.  The ancient Taoists believed that all matter in the Universe was made of the same substance.  The difference between the solid, liquid and gas states was due to density and the speed of interaction.  Living things had a particular vibrational frequency, also known as life-force energy, which they called Chi.  This vibration, or Chi, influences all of the body’s energetic and physiological functions.

Using different terminology modern Physics confirms the existence of Chi.  To illustrate this all matter is made up of atoms, which in turn are composed of sub-atomic particles (electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks etc.) all of which are in constant vibrational motion and separated by vast amount of empty space. Einstein’s famous equation shows us that matter and energy are inter-changeable (E = mc2) that is, matter is simply another form of energy.

Quantum Physics has also shown that the behaviour of sub-atomic particles is directly affected by the observer.  One of the fundamental laws of Quantum Physics says that an event in the sub-atomic world exists in all possible states until the act of observing or measuring it pins it down to a single state (Physics people call this the “collapse of the wave function”).  The observer has become part of the system and influences the energetics of the system.  All of this sounds very strange and complicated until we remember that most, if not all, energy healing is based on this very principle! Simply put, what I think is what I create! Or, in words long ascribed to the Budda, “We are what we think, and all that we are, arises with our thoughts”.  Thus, the practitioner influences the energies of the client’s system.

Back to Physics again!  We know that sub-atomic particles (which we may call Chi) induce neighbouring particles to behave in the same way. For example, particles vibrating at a particular frequency cause neighbouring particles to vibrate at the same frequency – they set up a quantum coherence between them.  It has also been shown that it is not even necessary for these particles to be in direct contact for this to happen.  Quantum coherence can be effected at a distance.

At this point you may well be wondering what all of this has to do with the healing practice.  Well, it has been observed that healthy cells vibrate at a higher frequency than unhealthy cells.  So, if I build and build my energy, according to quantum coherence, any energy that comes in contact with my energy vibrates faster, becomes healthier.  By vibrating his/her energies at a higher frequency than those of the client, the Quantum Coherence Therapist induces a coherence in the client’s energies, which then vibrate at that higher frequency.  And there is no transfer of energy in this process.  The therapist simply vibrates his/her energies beside the client’s energies.

Secondly, if you witness a person’s healing, it takes place.  The potential for healing is always present - all we have to do is make it manifest in physical reality.  Quantum Physics shows that your MIND determines the outcome!  By observing, witnessing healing, the practitioner “collapses the wave function” of the client and pins it down to a single state i.e. health.  And this is not a matter of “wishful thinking” – it is about asserting a fact: that healing has already happened!  The main differences between Quantum Coherence Therapy and other forms of energy healing are: There is no transfer of energy between therapist and client, minimising the danger of burnout on the part of the therapist or of the client experiencing a healing crisis.  However, therapist self-care is essential in order for this method to work.  And, both practitioner and client benefit, rather than the client alone.  In short, Quantum Coherence Therapy is a healing modality in which the focus is entirely is first on the therapist’s self-care, and then on the clients self-care.

Quantum Coherence Therapy may be used as a “stand-alone” therapy or in conjunction with other methods, such as Acupuncture or Massage.