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Frequently asked Questions

What is Healing?
Every living being naturally and continuously develops towards balance and wholeness. Healing is the process through which the natural changes towards balance and wholeness unfold. Healing takes place continuously on all levels –physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic. Healing is not a state of completion, it is an ongoing process.

What is Quantum Coherence Therapy?
Quantum Coherence Therapy (or QCT for short) is an energy-based healing therapy which can be received either as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with other treatments.

How does it work?
Every living thing has a vibrating energy field around it which nurtures every aspect of its being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic. The stronger our energy field is, the healthier we are on all levels. The energy field itself is maintained by a constant flow of an energetic life-force, which in traditional Chinese culture is called “chi”.  An energy field with a strong chi flow and a high vibrational frequency is a healthy energy field. Through their training, QCT practitioners have learned to raise the vibrational frequency of their energy fields to a therapeutic level. During a QCT session, the practitioner places his/her highly vibrating energy field beside the client’s energy field.  This process enables the client to raise the vibrational frequency of their own field and thereby make their field stronger and healthier.

Why is it called Quantum Coherence Therapy?
The term “Quantum Coherence” refers to a scientific principle in Quantum Physics.
The principle of “Quantum Coherence” describes that, when two energy systems are placed side by side, the energy system with the higher frequency influences the energy system with the lower frequency, causing it to vibrate at the higher level. In QCT we are using this principle to our therapeutic advantage. For more information on Quantum Coherence, Quantum Physics, and the principles governing the behaviour of sub-atomic particles, please ask for a copy of the info sheet: Quantum Physics

How is QCT different from other Energy Healing modalities?

There are two main differences:

(1) No energy transfer is taking place during a QCT session. The energies which the client uses during and after a session are solely the client’s own energies vibrating at a higher level. Neither universal nor personal energies are being exchanged between therapist and client. This reduces the risk of a healing crisis for the client.

(2) QCT works only when the therapists have been trained in building their own energies to a therapeutic level. The therapeutic QCT energies can only be maintained if the practitioner practises ongoing and sufficient self-care. As a result, both client and therapist benefit from QCT, and the risk of burnout is significantly reduced for the practitioner.

What’s the difference between QCT and Spiritual Healing?

QCT works independently from the practitioner’s and client’s spiritual belief systems. Faith is not a pre-condition for QCT to work effectively. QCT can be practised and enjoyed by people without their having any affiliation to any culture or creed.

Who can benefit from QCT?

Every person of any age can benefit from a QCT session. It is a gentle and very effective healing therapy which nurtures the recipient on all levels of their being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic. For every session the client’s needs and priorities are discussed, and together client and practitioner choose the QCT treatment protocol which is the most suitable and effective at that time. QCT is equally beneficial to animals. For more information please ask for a copy of the info sheet: QCT for Animals

What are the Contra-Indications and Side-Effects?

Unfortunately a person who has a heart pacemaker fitted will NOT be able to receive QCT. Otherwise there are no contra-indications or side-effects for this treatment.

What does a Client do during a QCT session?

QCT is equally effective in face-to-face sessions and via distance healing. In a QCT face-to-face session, you spend about 60 minutes in the treatment room. You first discuss your health priorities with your QCT practitioner and decide together on the best treatment protocol. The treatment itself may last for up to 45 minutes. You will be fully clothed, and lie on a treatment table or sit on a therapeutic chair, whichever is the more comfortable for you. Following the treatment, you will be able to discuss with your QCT therapist how you experienced the session and plan the next steps to continue strengthening your health. In QCT Distance Healing, the preparation for the session is identical to a face-to-face session, as is the follow-up. You will be able to receive the QCT healing at a time and place of your choosing. Since the QCT energies generated by the practitioner during a distance healing session are more intense than in a face-to-face session, the length of time during which you will receive the healing is shorter (i.e. 15 minutes).

How many QCT Sessions will I need?

Healing is an individual and ongoing process, and so is QCT. A person’s state of health continuously changes, and as a consequence his/her health priorities continue to shift. There is no fixed formula by which the number of QCT sessions you may need can be calculated. QCT is safe and gentle enough to be enjoyed on a daily basis. Many people choose to have a QCT session on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. Alternatively people may opt to arrange sessions when they feel they need them. Taking a break from “healing work” can become as important as engaging in it. Your QCT practitioner is available on an ongoing basis to help you plan your healing journey. Your First Session will include an Initial Assessment during which the QCT therapist will record your personal details and a summary of your medical history. For every QCT session the client’s needs and priorities are discussed, and together client and practitioner choose the QCT treatment protocol which is the most suitable and effective at that time.

Can I receive a QCT Session at my home?

Yes, if a face-to-face session is necessary or preferable to a distance healing session, and if you are unable to travel to your QCT practitioner’s clinic, it may be possible to arrange a home visit.

How much does a QCT Session cost?

€70 per hour.

How much does an Acupuncture Session cost?
€70 per hour.

How much do Individual Meditation Sessions cost?
€70 per hour.

How much are Group Meditation Sessions?
€10 per hour.

The Treatment Room is recognised for ACUPUNCTURE treatments by the following health insurance providers:

      Laya, VHI, Aviva, HSF