The Treatment Room

Gently assessing the integrity and alignment of the spine.


Chris pictured with his Teacher, Stuart Breen, Lead Facilitator & Owner of Huànyíng Holistics.


House calls are possible for those who are too sick to travel, provided sufficient notice is given.

The Treatment Room was established in 2013 by Chris McMahon. Chris has spent many years working and studying within the Health Sector. Please read his Biography below. A list of his Qualifications are also available by clicking on the button underneath.

Chris' Biography

In 2005, I left my 7 year career in the Banking industry, and embarked, rather nervously, on a voyage of new discovery. I had decided to follow my Heart, leave my Banking job, sell my house in order to finance study, and throw myself headfirst, into the mysterious world of Medicine, Health and Healing. 

To begin with, I enrolled on a one year ‘Medical Sciences’ course, which was made up of lectures on Anatomy, Physiology, Histology & Pathology. Under the guidance of the then, Mater Hospital’s, Dr. Huzaifa Adamali, I was slowly introduced to the inner complexities of the human body. During class, Dr. Adamali taught and shared his extensive knowledge of Western Medicine. Encouraged by Dr. Adamali, and excited by this promising start, I began reading after hours and started to learn about many other differing healing methods & modalities, such as Tai-Chi, Meditation and Acupuncture, which until now, I had never heard of, nor even knew existed.

I guess I started down this path proper, when I began to practice Iyengar Yoga as a rehabilitive exercise. It was February 2005, in Melbourne, Australia, and I was working overseas for National Australia Bank. I started this Yoga practice very reluctantly, pretty much as a last resort actually, because my back had become so stiff that I had trouble walking at times, and I could certainly no longer run, or play football, or even sit comfortably at times. 

Around this time I was told if my back worsened, I would require surgery, and that if I didn’t change my lifestyle, I may even end up needing a cane or worse. At just 28 years old, this wasn’t what I wanted to hear. So, when I returned home to Ireland later that same year, I continued my Yoga practice in Dublin City, in a number of venues. Also, at that time, I was hoping that I could build a reasonably strong understanding of Western Medicine, enough, that I might one day gain access to study Physiotherapy as a Mature student. This became my goal at the time.

To support this goal, I began writing to Hospitals & Physiotherapy Clinics in an attempt to gain unpaid work placements or observational/shadowing experience, as it is known. Proud of my efforts so far, I wrote to about 50 places. 10 organisations accepted my requests, and, as a result, I quickly gained 100 hours of observational work experience, as well as some priceless insights into the comings and goings at several Physiotherapy clinics. I managed to gain valuable Physiotherapy experience in number of respite centres, and in some of Dublin’s major Hospitals, including James Connolly Memorial, in Blanchardstown, The Mater Hospital, St. Vincents’ Hospital, and in County Kildare, within Naas General Hospital.

Upon finishing my certificate in Medical Sciences, I then took up an evening course in Massage Therapy, with the NTC (National Training Centre, Dublin), and in 2006, I also managed to obtain a job in Naas General Hospital as a General Attendant. This was a multi-faceted role, as I worked as an Attendant, Porter, Cleaner, and Nurses Aid during this time. It was a wonderful experience. Originally, I had been hoping to land the role of a Physiotherapy Attendant/Assistant. However, I quickly realised that being a General Attendant afforded me unlimited access to varied, and exciting daily work experience in almost every facet of the Hospital. This role allowed me the opportunity to work everywhere within the Hospital. And, as such, I got to work and observe in the Nursing Wards, in the Accident & Emergency Dept, in the MRI, X-Ray & CT scanning Departments, the Operating Theatres, the Intensive Care Unit, the Cardiac Unit, and at times, even the Laboratory, and the Morgue! 

Along the way, I also worked side by side with the Physiotherapists, assisting them many times, in an rotating capacity, over an almost three year period. However, it was during my second year in the Hospital, that I realised that I didn’t quite want to become a Physiotherapist. By now I had become quite fascinated by the theories of Complementary Medicine, and so I decided to expand my horizons by studying Chinese Medicine, or Acupuncture, to be more precise. I continued to work in Naas Hospital until late 2009, whilst I also studied at night, and on the weekends.

Over a seven year period, beginning in 2007, I began patiently studying theories and philosophies underpinning Chinese Medicine. I started with the Acupuncture Foundation in Dublin, for 2 years, and I then transferred on to the College of Oriental Medicine in Cork. Along the way, in 2008, I also began to practice Tai-Chi at night, with the Irish Tai-Chi Chuan Association, in Dublin.  This, for me, was a life altering class. l loved it, and l gained so much from the practice, that l still practice it to this very day.  In fact, l am eternally grateful to Stuart Breen, of Huànyíng Holistics, and to his Teacher, Master Charles Thackaberry, of The Irish Tai-Chi Chuan Association, for their Tai-Chi guidance, support, insights and teachings over the years. 

In 2012, I took up a one year course in Quantum Coherence Therapy, accredited by the Irish Tai-Chi Chuan Association. And then, in 2013, almost 8 years after leaving the Bank, I opened my very own practice within 'Finesse', on the Main Street, in Maynooth, Co. Kildare. I spent one very happy, and fruitful year there, and then I moved on to a much larger location, in The Town Centre Mall, in Maynooth Co. Kildare. I continued to grow in practice and experience there.  And, some 3.5 years later, in October 2017, I moved to another, brighter, and much more central premises at The Courthouse Square in Maynooth. In 2023, l moved to a larger premises in Maynooth Business Campus. This is where l currently practice from today.

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work in a Western Medical Hospital, and to shadow in several other Hospitals & Clinics before I ever began to study Chinese Medicine. These varied experiences and exposures blessed me with such a great foundation upon which to build much knowledge, and also afforded me a deeper appreciation and understanding of the current Western Medicine model. As a result, I can clearly see how both Eastern and Western Medicine could, and often do, work seamlessly together to serve the many needs of the Patient, and the wider Community. 

I am still keen to learn however, because, in truth, there is always much to be learned. So, in September of 2013, I began another year of Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine studies with the College of Oriental Medicine (COM) in Cork. I successfully graduated from this course in August of 2014. I also continued my practice of Tai-Chi Chuan, with Huànyíng Holistics, weekly. 

By 2016 I had worked up to the title of Intermediate Tai-Chi Teacher. And, in 2017,  I polished up my Meditation skills, by undertaking a Meditation Teacher Training course with the ITCCA. I also compiled the Manual for this course, and, at 40,000 words, it was very well received as an excellent study aid. Over the next few years l went on to undertake courses in Taoist Philosophy, Chi-Kung and Ear Candling. Over the years l have also gotten to attend many other lectures and workshops offered by both The Irish Tai-Chi Chuan Association (ITCCA) and Huànyíng Holistics. 

At present, l am busily working from my current location, in Maynooth Business Campus. 

If l can be of service to you, or, if you have any queries whatsoever, please contact me by e-mail at or at 086 8790534.

I very much look forward to hearing from you. 

Best wishes, Chris McMahon